Elton John

Sir Elton John - Photo Credit: Last.FM

Sir Elton John has been a musician his entire life, starting on the piano at age three. From there he showed extraordinary talent in music and could play back entire songs by ear only having heard them a single time.

As his career got started he met with rejection after rejection until he found a songwriting partner through unusual circumstances. He and this songwriter worked together in a unique way together that produced a great quality yet anything that didn’t catch on right away for them was discarded. They ran with ideas that instantly worked and discarded those that didn’t right away.

Through all of Elton Johns life and success, he has done his part for humanity and contributed millions towards equality movements, disease research and other charities.

Elton John will live forever in his film scores written for various Disney films. Like he influenced my childhood and became an early part of my life, he will do so long after his other albums fade into a vintage memory.

The goal I will take from Elton John’s life is to collaborate with someone I’ve never met in person on an original song in 2011.

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