Yanni – Photo credit: Official Yanni (Flickr)

Yanni may seem like a strange choice considering the other musicians I have chosen to use as muses in my challenge to become a decent pianist but there is a reason behind each and every musician here.

Yanni and his life embody exactly what I am trying to do here at Pianoing. He has overcome his lack of training, fear of being in front of people, gained experience through doing and pursued his dreams.

Yanni is a self taught musician who achieved greatness. He has performed live in front of over 2Million people, his music has been featured in film, TV broadcasts as prestigious as the Olympic Games and he is globally recognized as one of the great modern musicians of our time.

Yanni’s music has deep meaning as well, even without vocals, and he with his piano and orchestra sing messages of equality, truth and love.

I have always been very self-conscious but want to be able to share my talents with others. I will shoot for the stars and try to follow in Yanni’s footsteps.

The goal I will take from Yanni’s life is to have Pianoing reach 2M collective video views by the end of 2011.