The Beatles – Let It Be – Week 3

by Jesse Michelsen March 21, 2011 Progress

This weeks recording has no voice. I was trying to focus on the piano and think it helped. Next week is the final recording and I’ll be doing the entire song with voice and everything so stay tuned!

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Hump Day Highlight: Mysterious Korean Guy

by Jesse Michelsen March 16, 2011 Hump Day Highlight

Ok, so this is different. I don’t actually know who this guy is, but I found this video really interesting and well shot. The playing is done well too.

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The Beatles – Let It Be – Week 2

by Jesse Michelsen March 14, 2011 Progress

Here we are, week 2! I’ve added in the left hand and some vocals. Enjoy!

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Hump Day Highlight: David Osborne

by Jesse Michelsen March 9, 2011 Hump Day Highlight

Well hello Mr. President. Yea, this guy has said that. Today’s highlight features a guy that has played for multiple presidents at the white house. They say he’s trying to keep the romantic piano alive, a very noble goal. What I like about him is that he does covers of all sorts of songs and […]

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The Beatles – Let It Be – Week 1

by Jesse Michelsen March 7, 2011 Progress

Ah, a new day and a new challenge. This month, I’ll be covering The Beatles hit, Let It Be. I love the song, and the meaning behind it. It’s great stuff and I’m excited to get going. After one week, I’ve got kind of the basic tune down but the left hand gets hairy pretty […]

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Hump Day Highlight: Liu Wei

by Jesse Michelsen March 2, 2011 Hump Day Highlight

Hey everyone! Another beautiful Wednesday. It’s like 50 degrees out here and I’m lovin’ it! πŸ˜‰ So today’s highlight comes from across the world; China to be exact. This guy entered into a competition in China and no one expected what they saw when he came out. The guy has no arms! He plays the […]

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Billy Joel – Piano Man – Week 4 – Final Recording

by Jesse Michelsen March 1, 2011 Progress

Hello, hello! I’m still here, I promise. I know I’ve been sort of MIA for the past couple scheduled days and I apologize, I’ve had some things keeping me busy but I have spent some of that time away thinking about the format here and I’ve decided to switch things around a bit. I’m going […]

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Hump Day Highlight: Josh Michelsen

by Jesse Michelsen February 23, 2011 Hump Day Highlight

Welcome back. Today’s highlight is near and dear to me and if you don’t notice the similarities in names here, today’s highlight is of my younger brother. Today’s highlight: Josh Michelsen! While this is clearly not piano, I’m not exclusive here. This series is meant to highlight musical talent far and wide. Josh wrote this […]

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Special: Billy Joel playing Piano Man in 1975

by Jesse Michelsen February 21, 2011 Special

I’ve had a couple questions about Billy Joel, how he plays, and Piano Man too so I thought I’d post my favorite rendition of this great song. This video is from 1975 and Billy has a ‘stache. I aspire to play just like him, but I think I’ll leave the lip warmer in the 70’s […]

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Billy Joel – Piano Man – Week 3

by Jesse Michelsen February 18, 2011 Progress

Ok, so I may have gotten a little carried away at the end of the video but honestly, I’m just so freakin excited that I am learning this song! It’s one of my all time favs, and I know I say that each week, but the more I learn the song, the more I learn […]

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