From each Artist I have chosen, I have crafted some goals to achieve in 2011.

  • From Yanni and his massive live audience performances, have Pianoing reach 2M collective video views by the end of 2011.
  • From Billy Joel and his integration if himself in his music, write a song in 2011 that represents myself.
  • From The Beatles and their profound messages, write a song in 2011 with words; lyrics inspired by an event in my own life.
  • From Elton John and his unique composition method, collaborate with someone I’ve never met in person on an original song in 2011.
  • From Duke Ellington and his work ethic, make a commitment to progress and practice every day in 2011.
  • From Ray Charles and his connection to the music, learn to play the piano without the help of my eyes; to feel the music and let it flow through me and tell my story.

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